Turner blowtorch history

For much of the earliest history, we rely on patents from France, the USA and from. By the 1890’s, Turner was making blowtorches, and its merger with another . Feb 20- We can even pinpoint the date of origin to a small three-year window between 1904—the year Turner acquired the blow torch patents and Hot .

Jump to History – A blowtorch (USA usage), or blowlamp is a fuel-burning tool used for applying flame and heat to various applications, usually . Mar 20- Blowtorch, Morrison County Historical Society collections, #1984. Turner Brass Works was one of the largest manufacturers of blow . Turner model 1gasoline blow torch with brass tank and red wood handle.

Gasoline blow torches were used by plumbers to heat lea by electricians to heat . VINTAGE TURNER BRASS WORKS, SYCAMORE, IL, BLOW-TORCH WITH COPPER SOLDERING IRON! Very nice piece of history, complete with Turner Sycamore soldering iron. The antique blow torch you found stashed in the attic or basement, or on sale for a. Doing so destroys the historical significance of your blow torch.

The Turner plant was doing machining work for the brass parts in their propane blow torch. Otto Bernz, Turner, and others – was also basically unchanged from around the early 1900s up to the decline of this type of blow .