Urine smells like barnyard

Feb 20- I couldn’t really describe the smell until I read these posts and I definitely agree with one lady who sad her urine smells like dirty barn yard hay. May 20- I have very strong strange smelling urine that embarrasses me when I use a public restroom because the smell lingers afterwards. I was quite surprised by the barnyard like smell of my urine, .

Jun 20- I have noticed over the past few months that my urine smells strongly like a stable, or horse manure. I’m not particularly bothered by this, but . As someone here once noted; their urine smelled like a mix of burnt grass and horse manure. Does it make your urine smell like barnyard stall?

This is the second loading shot before I go monthly and the smell is back. On drydown this does not smell like urine at all but I do notice a sort of barnyard smell? Mar 20- I don’t have an std it can’t be sex related.

Don’t go to your gynecologist for pee problems. I’ve got a tomcat outside who decided its fun to pee all over the hay in our yard barn where I store the chicken fee hay, and dog house. Nov 20- The ammonia from urine and manure can cause respiratory.

We used it on all types of barn odor areas, like stalls, trailers and wheelbarrows.