Uv water purifier

Ultra violet water treatment systems (UV sterilisers) kill bacteria in water. They are often used to ensure safe drinking water from well, spring and borehole water . Ultraviolet technology can give peace of min knowing that you’re protected from many of the culprits of water contamination.

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Buy the latest KingLight, Watts, Luminor and Pentek UV water filters at the best price, online. Wide range of ultraviolet light water purification systems. Perfect for the pond or the home, this ultraviolet water filter will kill harmful microorganisms without chemicals. May 20- To achieve its claimed ability to remove pathogens, water going into CamelBak’s new UV purifier must first be cleaned by a filter from a rival . Everything You Need to Know about Ultraviolet Water Purification by John Mone.

A number of factors combine to make ultraviolet radiation a superior means of . UV light wipes out bacteria by destroying its DNA core, eliminating E. Coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis, to name a few. The ultraviolet water purifier is one of our .