Vacuum port fittings

Flange hardware; Vacuum Flanges; Manifolds; Connectors; Vacuum Electrical. Custom Pump Fittings – Hose Unions, Combination Nipples, Side Port Nipples.

Equip cars, trucks SUVs with Vacuum Connector and Tubing from AutoZone. These are your basic flange fittings for closing over or blanking off a standard port of the sizes listed. We will make these in whatever material you desire .

Configuration of vacuum flanges and fittings can be all ports of the same type, or multiple port types or adapters. Common seal systems include metal seal, . All fitting threads meet standards from DrySeal American Standard Taper Pipe Thread (NPTF); Made from CA 3and . Swimming Pool flow fittings are an essential part of any swimming pool install, we. How to use conical plastic infusion ports for resin infusion and multi-part bag fittings for vacuum bagging processes such as pre-preg.