Vauxhall astra electric power steering pump problems

Hi Iv got a problem with my power steering which has gone very Heavy. Power steering fluid it was bone dry, was told it was my ps pumpPower Steering Fault. Vauxhall Electric Power Steering Pump – HEXUS forumforums.

Its around £1for a new electric power steering pump, or £for a new . DTI estate on an ’03’ plate and has 101k miles on it. Am i right in thinking these cars do not have a belt driven power steering pump? Anyone that knows of a similar problem with an Astra or other Vauxhall of the same sort of age,.

Lot of cars these days have electric power steering. Mar 2013Vauxhall Astra G Petrol (19- 2004) – 191. Arnold Clark vh dealers to be told it needed a new power steering pump. This is a problem i would like to take up with Vauxhall themselfs if anyone. Astra H power steering pump problempostsMar 2012Red Battery Light On No Power Steering!

Jan 2012Possible power steering pump gone. Hello, I recently bought a Vauxhall Astra Club 1. Oct 20- Vauxhall Astra POWERSTEERING FAILURE – 20Vauxhall Astra. THAT IT COULD BE THE ELECTRO HYDRAULIC TRW PUMP FAILING.

If the power steering fluid is low, it may indicate there is a leak or a problem with the power steering pump. Fill the power steering pump with fluid and keep an . Noisy Power Steering and Heavy Steering Wheel Problem – Fixed – Duration: 4:59.