Water cooling drain valve

No that will only drain the cooling loop above the radiator. Drain valves and fill ports make emptying and filling your loop much easier. Inline drain valve to expedite coolant evacuation without turning your unit upside-down.

Coolant fill port for configurations without reservoirs (T-line air bleeding), or for separately locating the fill. Drain cock with usual outstanding quality in workmanship and good function, as one would expect from Koolance. This type of T-connector is included simply to . Universally compatible fillport for watercooling systems.

If you wish to consider a new water-cooling plan, you will happier in the . Buy water cooling fittings online now at Overclockers UK – Large selection with. EK Water Blocks EK-AF Ball Valve (10mm) G- Black Nickel. Jun 20- First time water cooling build – It has not gone to plan and I learned the hard way it is not easy to drain.

This is what I did to drain my loop,I placed a bitspower shut off valve at. Easy drain setup for Watercooling Loop WATERCOOLING.