Waterway executive 56 pump

Waterway Executive pumps are designed especially for hot tubs and spas. Hi-performance Waterway wet ends are driven by quality E. Executive Waterway Frame Pump 4.

Executive wet end designed specifically for 56-frame motors; Two double shielded ball. We offer the UK’s CHEAPEST prices on Waterway 2hp 2-speed 56-frame Executive euro hot tub pumps, choose from our huge selection of Waterway spa . This is our best selling pump, we are a primary distributer for Waterway in the UK and all the options here have a inch (outlet) x 2. Frame Executive, EX and Viper Pumps.

Waterway Executive HP Speed Intake Discharge Frame 2Volt Pump 3720821-1D. The impeller is used to generate pressure within the pump.

Most parts are interchangeable between Executive frame frame pumps, however the volutes are different (#above) and be careful when selecting your . V 2-Speed Waterway Spa Pump Side Discharge 2xFrame Executive. Waterway Executive Spa Pump Side Discharge 56-Frame 4. Waterway Plastics 3721621-1D Executive Frame hp Spa Pump, 230-volt. Waterway Plastics 3722021-1D Executive Frame hp Spa Pump, 230-volt. Replaced my existing speed pump with this style.

The Executive Frame Spa Pump has an executive wet end designed for 56-Frame motors along with two double-shielded ball bearings. The Waterway Executive 56-frame 4HP Dual-Speed Spa Pump is designed with both low and high speed for versatility and energy efficiency. The larger frame pumps use a more robust heavy duty motor and are favoured by spa manufactures for this. Always check you have enough space to fit one if . Waterway Executive Spa Pump – Speed 2. Suction The Waterway range of Executive pumps are designed especially for hot tubs and spas. Waterway Executive frame pumps feature a wet end designed specifically for frame motors to run cooler, have more power and use less energy.

Common Power reference: HP single speed.