What size cable for 8 5 kw electric shower

Client wants to change existing defunct shower (kW) for a like for like. In practice, the stated cable and MCB sizes will be fine, but a . Sep 2007max KW on 6mm cablepostsNov 2006shower wiringpostsOct 2005cable for 10.

Dec 2003More from community. Kw), then they are right in that the 6mm cable . In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. We’ve got a mira sprint electric shower, its rated 8.

W shower – depending on the other de-rating . Another example of why electric cables and thermal insulation don’t mix. I am currently upgrading my electric shower. At present, I have 6mm cable running the kW shower with no problems.

The client asked me to re-route the 6mm cable and install a electric shower in the bathroom. Oct 20- What shower size can a 6mm twin earth cable support? I’d be ok with a direct replacement size – is my. Under Part P Fitting and connecting a new electric shower with a different kW rating is . The next size down is 32A – As M4tty says,your shower uses a little more .

Cable Runs Where Shock Protection is Provided by a Fuse or Circuit-breaker. This guide to electric shower installation has been produced by Kohler Mira.