When is flow separation desirable

All solid objects traveling through a fluid acquire a boundary layer of fluid around them where viscous forces occur in the layer of fluid close to the solid surface. What-is-flow-separation-in-fluid-mechanicsAug 20- Separation referes to the boundary layer separation. When fluid flows adjacent to a solid boundary a layer of flyid stucks to the wall.

Pressure gradient is an is one of the factors that influences a flow immensely. It is easy to see that the shear stress caused by viscosity has a . Flow separation occurs when a stream of gas or liquid flowing past a body separates from the body’s surface and forms a region of eddies. Feb 20- We have already discussed the concept of flow separation.

Laminar boundary layers are normally very desirable because they reduce drag . May 20- Flow separation is likely to occur when the boundary layer of the object is turbulent. An example of when flow separation is desirable is when . Oct 20- The streamwise vortices are synthesized from the synthetic jet actuator and introduced into the attached and separating boundary layer . Unsteady separation in flows with slip boundaries has not yet been scrutinized as. Hypersonic flow separation rtnd its effects on control character- istics were investigated.

This was particularly desirable because the.