Why does my toilet make a whining noise

Sep 20- If you have a different type of valve, you need to ascertain whether that is where the noise is coming from. Witht he lid off the tank, you may be . Does your toilet make noise like this?

In this video I will show you how I fix it by changing the fill valve. If your toilet makes anything other than the familiar whooshing and gurgling sounds. When the valve starts making the foghorn noise, lift the float ball all the way to the top of.

Before you do, turn off the water and flush the toilet to empty the tank.

My toilet makes a loud whining, vibrating and droning noise about to seconds after flushing. The toilet itself flushes fine and works ok. GHOST FLUSHING: This can happen intermittently, cycling every few minutes. WATER RESONANCE: (constant thumping) A noise you hear when the toilet is . When I have been close to the toilet when the noise occurs, lifting the lid reveals. The normal refill after flushing is silent, so why does the non-flush refill make this squealing sound?

I have been having the same issue with my Toto toilet. Sloan valve making ‘vacuum’ noise after rebuild kit. May 2014whining noise in bathroom showerpostsFeb 2013Toilet making high pitched soundpostsMay 2010Noise in house after ?

Toilet was making high pitched whine, now it seems as if it’s the tank is. The whine was coming from your fill valve sometimes sediment can get stuck in the small internal parts of scale has . Jul 20- A whining toilet can be alarming for more than one reason. The next time you flush and the action is followed by a screeching soun make sure . Forum discussion: Within the last week, whenever I flush my toilet,. I like this type valve and have not had any problems with them.

Also, if a bit of dirt gets into the tank valve it can also cause the type of noise you describe.