Woods valve

The Dunlop valve is a type of pneumatic valve stem in use in some countries, such as Japan, Czech Republic, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Polan Romania, . The nice man in the bike shop in Essex sold me some tubes for my shopper which have ‘dunlop valves’. He told me that these could be inflated .

Find great deals on eBay for Woods Valve in Cycling Parts. My son’s new bike has Woods valves. I’ve never come across them before and there doesn’t seem to be enough valve protruding above the . Nov 2013Faulty valve or operator error?

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Report another imagePlease report the offensive image. I need some small rubber tubing and I thought your Valve Rubber for Woods Valves might do but size is not given. I need about 3mm external width for . Inch (1)Inch (2)Inch (2)Inch (3)Inch (2)Inch (2)Inch (3)Inch (1)700c (2).

This type of valve is almost never used on modern bicycles and due to low demand we stock very few Woods valve tubes. However, the rim valve hole drilling is .