Custom fiberglass shower pans

About us: High Quality Custom Plastic Injection. Our Shower Pans are custom built to your specifications no matter what shape or size. You can even install and lay tile the same day.

Custom Shower Pans: are built to any shape, size and custom drain location with the widest variety of options available anywhere. A fiberglass shower pan is a simple thing to build. You’ll need to obtain wood or foam to form a base in which the fiberglass strips and resin will be poured into.

Shower pan installation contractor serving Bucks County, Philadelphia, Lehigh County PA.

Custom fiberglass epoxy work for MDU-townhome community . Each time, we asked the contractor about doing a custom walk-in ceramic tile shower and were told that creating a custom pan is very . Custom shower pans Shower bases made any size color or drain location. Finished surface does not require tile, solid one piece no flex design does not not . I’m sure I’m going to need a custom shower pan to replace the. Custom Shower Pans and Bases of Any Shape, Size or Drain Location.

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