Ventile vs gore tex

A tough, windproof, somewhat waterproof (Ventile?) outer layer combined with a more delicate breathable waterproof layer, like the Goretex . Keela Munro vs Paramo Alta III jacket – your views? Does Ventile stand up against the newer gear fabrics?

Gore-Tex pretty much killed off Ventile, even though Gore-Tex is more expensive, less durable, and less breathable. But, people went for its superior waterproofing (myself included). The result is supposed to be a material that is highly breathable and highly water-repellent.

Apr 20- There is also the never-ending debate of eVent versus GORE-TEX.

Ventile, which is still used to this day. Not certain whether to go for a ventile smock Foinaven Cotton Analogy. I still have a ventile jacket which is years old. BUT although I can’t bring myself to get ri since goretex I haven’t worn it apart from the occasional garden job . Jul 20- I’m in the market for a new waterproof. Goretex alternatives (Milatex, Isotex etc) but I’ve found that they last 12-18 . Oct 20- The secret of Ventile is the super-dense weave of the natural cotton fabric, which.

What’s it like in comparison with Gore-Tex? Obviously the most famous is Goretex where a layer of PTFE is applied.

Cotton Ventile, and with double layer ventile clothing . Feb 20- Gore famously invented the breathable membrane in the late 1960s, and christened it Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex membranes contain billions of tiny .