Custom shower tub combo

Create your custom bathtub, shower or combo with ModulR. ModulR bathtubs, shower bases and shower doors can be combined to create over 10different . Bathtub shower combo, Shower tub and Shower bath combo.

We have been the leader in bathroom renovations for two decades and we have all the bathtub shower combos, accessories, surrounds and custom designs . Nov 20- The answer to these questions is usually a bathtub and shower combo. Apart from saving you quite a few qui this kind of bath model is great . I think that we should make the most of our tiny space by .

Tub and shower combos are available as prefabricated kits or can be installed as a custom design. Typically made from fiberglass or acrylic, prefab units are . A space-saving tub-and-shower combo unit is the most common of all. Custom tub-and-shower units can be built to any size and configuration, using . Stain Proof, Solid Surface Custom Tub and Surround that doesn’t require .