Pumping black lugworm

Collecting lugworm is easy when you know how! The spring tide allows you to access larger lug which have not been pumped as.

In the SE the diameter of the worm cast for black lug does not necessarily . Black Lug Left:To the side of the cast. Push the pump down close to the tail of the worm. Digging pumping black lug locallypostsJul 2012Rag,lug pumping.

First few times using it was getting a few Whole worms, cutting a few . Pumping Lug on the WirralpostsMay 2010wer r the blackpool black lug? Bait Pump – Pumping Black Lugworm – Alvey Bait Pumps For Salebait-pumps. Sep 20- Lugworm Tips – Digging, pumping, Storing and lots more info on black and blow lug.

Genetic differences between blow lug and black lug (blacks) may be scientifically difficult to identify. Bait pumps are mainly used for the extraction of black lugworms Arenicola defodiens, a relatively recently described species that appears .