Dux forte hot water system

Dux Hot Water, Striving to be Australia’s cleaner, greener hot water company. Dux Navigation Spacer, Home, Dux Navigation Spacer. View our award winning energy saving range of solar hot water and heat pump .

Whether the size of your hot water system is sufficient for your household. Does your home has access to natural gas or LPG to heat . Dux Hot Water Technical Information. Colour code: Orange, for average to hard water areas.

This water heater is designed for direct connection to water supply pressures of: 8 1and 1litre models:. Dux Proflo Electric Storage Hot Water heater. Low maintenance and long service life features year tank warranty, including year parts and labour. Aug 20- Dux have been making water heaters in Australia since 1915.

BT Plumbing Ltd is the Authorized Service Agents for Dux Hot Water in the . Dux hot water manuals for Dux water heating systems. Our range of Dux hot water systems includes our Dux gas storage hot water systems featuring Dux .