Quintuplex pumps

The result of careful engineering with countless refinements and enhancements to improve in-field performance, SERVA triplex and quintuplex pumps haveĀ . WTriplex PumpWTriplex PumpW1Triplex PumpW1Triplex PumpW1Triplex PumpW2Triplex PumpW2Triplex PumpW3Quintuplex PumpW3Quintuplex Pump. The Weatherford W3is a single-acting quintuplex plunger pump rated at 3hp in continuous-duty services and up to 446.

The Weatherford W3quintuplex power pumps are offered with fluid cylinders of nickel-aluminum bronze, forged carbon. Find all the manufacturers of quintuplex pumps and contact them directly on DirectIndustry. Items – Used complete NOV 543QE-7XL, 7. Calder design, fabricate and deliver complete NOV pump packages to meet the most. NOV Industrial Pumps – Triplex and Quintuplex Plunger Pumps. FMC Technologies’ well service pumps are build for today’s harsh pumping.

Our quintuplex pump is rated at 0BHP with a 250pound rod load. From our most powerful well-stimulation pump, the GD-300 to our quintuplex stimulation and fracturing pump, the C-250 we specialize in designing andĀ . Find the new, use rental Quintuplex Pumps you need.