Purge vacuum diagnostic switch

Hello again, Sorry to keep bothering you guys but, on the purge vac diagnostic switch there is another vac fitting on the left side of the switch. If DTC P04is present, diagnose this DTC first. Using scan tool, check EVAP vacuum switch status.

Jan 20- You can book a mobile mechanic to diagnose your car as soon as tomorrow 7:00AM. EVAP system, by acting as the switch. A vacuum leak can also be created if the purge solenoi or any of . This is in regards to the evaporator emmisions canister purge vacuum switch.

Purge control system -fault diagnosis chart. Disconnect the temperature switch plug. I keep getting DTC P04EVAPORATIVE EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM INCORRECT PURGE FLOW.

I have been trying to remedy this . See: Symptom Related Diagnostic Procedures\Intermittent Condition. The VCM supplies a volt reference to the canister purge vacuum switch on the EVAP .