Refrigerator will not shut off

Hi all, My refrigerator will not stop running. Mar 20- Though troubleshooting refrigerator problems often calls for a refrigerator. The cold control may be broken if it doesn’t shut off the compressor.

If you use an energy-efficient refrigerator in the home, you should be very concerned if the appliance will not stop running. Forum discussion: why wont the firdge turn off it’s been running for the last days straight. Nov 20- Why does it seem like my refrigerator runs constantly? If the compressor is not shutting off when the temperature inside the refrigerator is coldĀ .

The refrigerator is not turning off automatically. The freezer and refrigerator temperatures are good. Water dispenser will not shut offpostsAug 2011Maytag will not turn offpostsNov 2010fridge won’t shut offpostsJun 2010Freezer Does Not Turn OffpostsJun 2010More from forum.

I have a whirlpool refrigerator that will not shut off. There is no build up of frost in the freezer section. Under the refrigerator, the coils are clean of dust.

Aug 20- Bet your thermostat’s the problem.